The National Treasures, animated.

The Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine is known as the head shrine of the Tenjin religion, which stands for scholarship and cultural arts.
In the old days, it is said that the shrine was not only a place of worship, but also a social center where art, music and sports met the public, as well as a place to transmit culture.

KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL focuses on one of the National Treasures guarded by the Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine: the “Illustrated Scroll of the Origin of Kitano Tenjin”.
The original scroll will be exhibited together with the "Modern Illustrated Scroll of the Origin of Kitano Tenjin”, born from the collaboration between six Japanese illustrators who joined forces to create a brand new interpretation of the National Treasure.

The festival will also feature a collaboration project with Sword Art Online as well as the illustration contest "Thirty-Six Illustrators" of the Reiwa period which is held in partnership with pixiv, the world's largest illustration communication service. In addition, a special exhibition of ikebana will be held by the Hanado Iemoto Ikenobo, displaying exhibits in collaboration with each featured content.

The event main visuals are made in collaboration with Hatsune Miku. With Kitano Tenman-gu as its main stage, the festival will breathe new life into National Treasures.

Thanks to its culture and to the content that Japan boasts to the world, you will fall in love with Kyoto, its tradition, and the Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine.

It's time: KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL 2019 begins.

Opening ceremony has been decided

A ceremony event will be held from 15:00 on October 24th, before the event.
The performances lined up on the day of the event include a show of Japanese drums by Kamiwakakai,
Iemoto Ikenobo flower arrangements, and a performance by the popular VOCALOID producer Hachioji P.
In addition, Opening Ceremony Special Tickets to allow attendees to participate in the reception will be sold in a limited number.

[Date]2019/10/24(Thu) 14:30 Open (15:00 Start)
(Opening Ceremony / Introspection / Maple Garden: 15: 00-19: 00)

[location]Kitano Tenmangu Shrine kounai-den area

[Viewing method]
Purchase an opening ceremony special ticket
Special guest live + appreciation ticket with pre-listed viewing 5,000 yen (tax included)

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[DJ] Hachioji P

A young nobleman from the VOCALOID world who has been at the center of attention both in Japan and overseas.His major first album "electric love" released in 2012 reached 11th place on Oricon for the first time.His popularity is not limited to the domestic market; when released in Taiwan, "electric love" ranked 3rd in the K-POP/J-POP charts and 8th in the general charts.Hajioji P is heavily inspired by dance music, and creates their unique sounds by merging groovy vibes and electric sounds with VOCALOID.

Hajioji P also produces real vocal artists such as Shoko Nakagawa, Pikarin Shiina and Tokyo Girls' Style, and arranges musical pieces for Yuu Kikkawa, Mayu Watanabe and Aya Hirano.
He is also active as a DJ, performing both in clubs and at large Japanese music festivals such as ROCK IN JAPAN FES, as well as overseas in Asia, Europe and America.

He released "ViViD WAVE" in July 2013, "Twinkle World" in August 2014, "Desktop Cinderella" in September 2015 and the best-of album "Eight -THE BEST OF Hachioji P-" in June 2016. In 2017, “Last Dance Refrain” ranked 8th in the Oricon Daily Chart. On August 28, 2019, the mini-album “GRAPHIX” was released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his career.

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Stage:[Voice actor/artist] Haruka Tomatsu

Started her career as a solo artist with the single “naissance” (released on September 3, 2008), and joined Sphere in 2009.Since then, she has been working both as a solo artist and with Sphere, alternating between CD releases and live performances.In June 2016, two best-of albums were released simultaneously."Haruka Tomatsu is widely recognized for her energetic and powerful personality, as well as her singing voice.Many of her songs have brought together heaps of anime fans, such as the OP theme ""courage"" for TV anime Sword Art Online II and the OP theme ""Q&A Recital!"" for TV anime ""My Little Monster""."

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Six artists draw the "Modern Illustrated Scroll of the Origin of Kitano Tenjin”.

The "Illustrated Scroll of the Origin of Kitano Tenjin" is a National Treasure created during the early Kamakura period. It's a magnificent picture scroll that covers a total of nine volumes and 43 scenes that depict the life of Sugawara no Michizane and his posthumous vengeful spirit as well as the origin and spiritual experience of Kitano Tenjin, all drawn with stunning brushwork.
Six illustrators known as the "Roku Gasen" have been selected to present illustrations based on their modern interpretations of six famous scenes in the Illustrated Scroll of the Origin of Kitano Tenjin.
We will exhibit a total of six scrolls, namely the Shokyu version, the Mitsunobu version, the Koan version, the Heisei Record version, and the Modern version.

“Illustrated Scroll of the Origin of Kitano Tenjin”National Treasure

Attending Illustrators

Morikura En

Morikura En Twitter

Illustrator, character designer.
In charge of the design of the virtual talent "Kizuna Ai" and Marui Group's anime commercial "Neko ga Kureta Marui Shiawase".
They also worked with the investment simulation app "iFree タッチ" by Daiwa Securities and with TSUTAYA's collaboration T-cards.Their first art book "ILLUSTRATION MAKING & VISUAL BOOK Morikura En" was published this summer.


fuzichoco Twitter

Illustrator. With their fresh use of color and perspective, they have worked as an illustrator and character designer for several novel covers, and videogames both for consoles and smartphones. Their latest works are the character design of PS4/PC game Yume Utsutsu Re:Master and for TV anime Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshō!


munashichi Twitter

Illustrator. They specialize in producing very detailed paintings of cityscapes, factories and abandoned buildings with awe-inspiring brushstrokes.They are active in book cover design, artwork and cover design for anime and video games.Main illustrator for art book "Entotsu-machi no Puperu" and concept designer for anime "Princess Principal".Their art book "Munashichi Art Works: Soukutsusai" was published this summer.

Toshiaki Takayama

Toshiaki Takayama Twitter

Illustrator, character designer. Men, women, creatures, monsters, mecha: their illustrations cover a wide range of genres.Character designer for various card came illustrations, book covers, arcade games and console games.They also deliver energetic making-of videos.Their latest works include "Shiro no Maou to Kuro no Eiyuu", "Sangokushi Taisen", "Battle Spirits" and "Vanguard".


LM7​ Twitter

Illustrator, designer. They are known for their unique world-building and detailed depictions.They are involved in expanding the character contents and clothing line of LAVENDER QUARTZ, an original content produced by themselves.


kamogawa Twitter

Illustrator, designer. They were in charge of the character design of "Chikatetsu ni Noru!", a promotional project by the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau. Since then, their works have expanded and reached the Kyoto International Manga Museum, JR Kyoto Isetan, Daimaru Kyoto, and more.They have also worked on Hatsune Miku illustrations for corporate collaborations with NewDays and Daihatsu. The poster they made for the "Chikatetsu ni Noru!" project is currently exhibited in the British Museum.

Hatsune Miku x Kyoto 36 Gasen Illustration Contest

The contest has been launched on pixiv, the world's largest illustration communication service, and it is looking for Hatsune Miku illustrations with the theme "Kyoto".

Named after the "Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry" of the Heian period, the contest will select illustrators to be the "Thirty-Six Illustrators" of the Reiwa period.
After selecting 36 works out of the illustrations drawn on pixiv, which has 40 million users, we will announce, exhibit, and present these works.

→The details of the illustration contest are as follows

Sword Art Online Collaboration Project

Sword Art Online and the Kitano Tenjin Mythical Tale Exhibition

This is a collaboration between the mythical tale of Kitano Tenjin, which some might refer to as the fantasy story of ancient Japan,
and Sword Art Online, a work that depicts a futuristic world.
We will exhibit precious natural treasures of the Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine, including mandala and swords, in the treasure house.
There will also be an explanation by Kirito, Asuna, and other characters about the similarities between Sword Art Online and the mythical tale of Kitano Tenjin.
In addition, we will exhibit an original voiced drama with the Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine as its stage.
We will also sell exclusive merchandise featuring especially drawn illustrations.
Please enjoy the fusion of Sword Art Online and the mythical tale of Kitano Tenjin.

Original Drama CD
"The Great Barrier of Ancient Kyoto"


"When the east wind blows let it send your fragrance, oh plum blossoms although your master is gone, do not forget the spring"

 ALfheim Online joins the city of Kyoto for the limited special event "The Great Barrier of Ancient Kyoto".
Kirito joins a quest together with Asuna and Yui, bringing him to the Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine which is faithfully reproduced in the VR space.
The three will dive into the history of the Shrine while discovering the precincts, and eventually encounter a boss enemy with foul strength?

Hatsune Miku × KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL Main Visual

The main visual features Hatsune Miku with the Sankomon gate, which is believed to have been built by Toyotomi Hideyori in 1607, in the background.
The upper part of the visual represents the present world whereas the lower half the land of the immortal. The North Star can be seen in the top part of the visual, representing the legend of the Sankomon being a starless gate.
The visual was drawn by Rella, an illustrator who has worked on various Hatsune Miku visuals.

Rella Twitter

Illustrator, designer.
Rella has extensive experience when it comes to creating designs and illustrations of Hatsune Miku. She is praised for her sophisticated visuals that are imbued with stories and world-building details.
She has also created many figure designs
Her notable works include the Hatsune Miku Symphony 2018-2019, Eshi-100 Exhibition 8-9, and the bilibili 10th Anniversary Pure White Love 2233 Commemorative Figure.

Event Overview